Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Feeling Homely

We bought a house! A lovely little piece of mid century modern in the Grampians, Victoria. It's nothing flash but it has got some lovely features like timber floors, a stack stone fire place and a great little courtyard that I know we will be making excellent use of this summer (at least on the days that are under 40 degrees anyway).

After years of living in drab rentals I can't wait to move in and start making it into a home. I'm not going to post any pics of it yet but I will as I work on it. In the mean time our land lord is selling the house we currently live in and a we had a professional photographer take photos of it the other day. I was a bit blown away by how colourful the shots came out and just a bit chuffed by how nice it looked (for a rental) Below is a shot where you can't see the hideous tiles in the kitchen so I thought I'd share :)

I've finished off a couple of DIY projects that I've been meaning to do for ages like the pink and orange velvet cushions and the black clock. I think they bring the room together quite nicely.

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Oliver Matthews said...

Nice! That is really such a great moment for you guys. At the very least, you'll get to root all your life's achievements and trials at this point on stern and steady ground on your new home, which is really beautiful. I hope the house remains a keeper for a good long time. Congratulations!

Oliver Matthews @ Flower & Fendler Homes