Tuesday, 29 April 2014

New Prints

I've been creating a whole lot of fresh new prints lately which I hope to be making into new products very soon. Watch this space! Today though,  I wanted to share three prints that I designed specifically for a competition being run by Digital Print, a company in Sydney. The theme was 'Botanical Extract' and the brief was to design up to three prints with a botanical theme using hand drawn or painted elements. It sounded like just my thing! We were restricted to a palette of colours which was a little challenging as I love my colours clear and bright and these were mostly quite muted and earthy. I think it's good to be restricted with choice though because it pushes you to make the best work you can with what you've got and there will almost always be restrictions placed on you when working with a client. So here are my three designs and some of the preparatory sketches. If you'd like to vote on my design then please visit either the facebook page or Pinterest board and leave a comment on one of my designs. Fingers crossed!

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Stasia Snellgrove said...

Yey for the new prints! Those botanical prints look amazing. You have great color theory. Other people's art would've started to clash with other colors, and the viewers would've had a hard time appreciating them, but yours are just perfect. I hope the prints come out as vibrant as the ones on screen. I love your shop! Please keep updating it. All the best to you! :)

Stasia Snellgrove @ ALB Image