Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Summer Time Fiesta!

This is what I'm dreaming of today. It's a real summer here this year and what better time to party! 

The truth is that I'm nine months pregnant and there's no way I could get my swollen feet into those lovely flats, I haven't seen my waist for months and definitely no cocktails for me this summer. I have been eating plenty of ice cream though so it's not a  total write off!

Necklace by Emily Green. Earrings by Faux Real. Pinata by Wilkinson. Tassel Garland by Confetti System. Nails by Trophy Wife Nail Art. Shoes by Yes Walker. Hair Clip by Ban Do. Cushion by Beci Orpin for Urban Outfitters. Dress by Alanna Hill. 

1 comment:

Vic Bibby said...

What a great collection. Love the shoes and the triangle cushion. Good luck with baby. I can sympathise - I was 9 months pregnant with twins eight years ago, it's a hot time of year to be preggers! x